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This page provides links to photos of the places on the London Monopoly Board

John Saville's route and maps to visit all the places by foot/bus/tube is provided on another page  

as is Nick Slade's Running Route upon which it is based

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The {Traditional} London Monopoly Board
GO Old Kent Road Whitechapel Road Income Tax Kings Cross Station The Angel Islington ? Euston Road Pentonville Road JAIL
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Electricity Company
4x3_battersea_power_station.jpg (16661 bytes)
Park Lane Pall Mall


Northumberland Ave
Liverpool St. Station Marylebone Station
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Bond Street Bow Street
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Marlborough Street
Oxford Street
Regent Street Vine Street
GO TO JAIL Piccadilly Circus Water Works Coventry Street Leicester Square Fenchurch St.Station Trafalgar Square Fleet Street ? Strand
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