Gandhi @ Kingsley Hall


Mahatma Gandhi was associated with Kingsley Hall over a number of years.

In particular, he stayed at Kingsley Hall, Bow, London when he was attending the Roundtable Conference in 1931


He famously met with Charlie Chaplin nearby


My father, Bill Saville, met Gandhi when he was 11, and wrote a short essay about him which was syndicated in newspapers across India. (below)

In the  English sequence (black and white) in Richard Attenborough's film about Gandhi, you can see "Gandhi" outside Kingsley Hall, Bow.

Gandhi's bodyguard was my Great Uncle Walter Fuller

Gandhi In The East End 15/06/2007

GANDHI_WALKING.JPG (27213 bytes)
The plaque recording Gandhi's stay here in 1931  
The "cell" on the roof where he stayed. The next room is the office of the The Gandhi Foundation

Photo: Bill Saville

March 6, 2009

The roof garden where he spent time in prayer
The spinning wheel he used,  here on display KH Bow Nov 29, 2008 A bust which is inside the Hall
The plaque commemorating the re-opening of Kingsley Hall, Bow
Bill's essay which was published across India . This is a copy as it was recorded in the book: "The Nation's Voice" by C Rajagopalachar and J C Kumarappa published AHMEDABAD, 1932
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Gandhi visited the home of my Grandparents (another Bill & Emily Saville) and this is recorded in Muriel Lester's autobiography, "It Occurred to Me". This is dad's copy suitably annotated.
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