People in Plessey Underground



In November 1940, Plessey of Ilford put its factory underground.

I have been able to scan a number of official photographs which were to be lost with the closing of a facility

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Similarly if anyone worked at the facility and has memories to share I would be very pleased  to hear from them.

This page shows people at work in the facility. Clicking on photos framed in blue open up the full size picture

This Underground factory employed 2,000 day and night shift workers and continued to supply the RAF with aircraft parts throughout the war.
The escalators were used but were all set to down at the beginning of the shift, up at the end but switched off in between.
A narrow gauge railway was laid in the tunnels running past the workers on their machines, distri­buting materials and collecting finished articles. Passengers were not supposed to be carried on the "trains", but the line proved to be an ideal means of taking visiting VIPs on inspection tours.


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