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Bill Saville started attending Kingsley Hall Bow as a young boy.

Kingsley Hall, Bow is in Powis Road, Bow, E3          History       

The building  is Grade II listed [IoE 206183], Pioneer East End community centre founded by peace campaigners Muriel and Doris Lester. Design included main hall also used for worship and five rooftop cells for community volunteers. Links with Gandhi, George Lansbury, R D Laing's Philadelphia Association 1965-1970. Set for Attenborough's Gandhi 1983.

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Kingsley Hall, Bow photographed by Bill Saville in the 1990's
I first visited in October 2008, the year in which the building celebrated its 80th Anniversary
View from the side in the garden .... .... which is reached down a side passage
  Plaque recording visit of Gandhi in 1931
Click for views of the interior Visit by the Conservation Group  March 9, 2009
Views from the roof towards Upton Park  ...... .... Canary Wharf
... and down to "Bob's Garden" named after a 1950s gardener "Children's House" is just round the corner


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