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We normally think of Westminster as being Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

In fact it is the name of a city and a  large London Borough with many more places of interest as can be seen form the buttons above

Return to LL London Name Town Visit LL Ref. Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Big Ben Westminster Only possible as part of a tour and it's a long climb! L2530 East side of Parliament Square N51.500 W0.126
Big Ben L2211
. Big Ben In Winter .
. Big Ben Plaque L2372
Houses of Parliament Westminster Tours are possible

Entrance possible to debates

Great Hall open during Openhouse

L East side of Parliament Square N51.500 W0.126 .

Westminster Abbey Westminster Historic building open to public L2285 Parliament Square N51.500 W0.126 .
3x4 st stephens from trafalger sq.jpg (12842 bytes)
Lilliput Lane's "Big Ben" is based on St Stephen's Tower (often named Big Ben which is actually one of the bells inside)
4x3 boat 3 H of P.jpg (10131 bytes)
Lilliput Lane's "Houses of Parliament" is based on the Palace of Westminster which is also known as the Houses of Parliament UK's legislative building
Lillliput Lane's "Westminster Abbey" is based on the church which has been the scene of many coronations and funerals
Horse Guards Parade  
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