Up "Fleetwood Mac" @ Wembley "Strictly" @ Wembley Olympic Football

"Wembley" is synonymous with Football/Soccer, FA Cup, Internationals. The new stadium replaces the one with Twin Towers [IoE 198776]

As well as seeing Soccer Internationals I always associate the "Old Wembley" with a Billy Graham Rally (1966) and a Celine Dion Concert  (1998).

Wembley Arena is also a place I've seen other events...................

The new Wembley  
Wembley Arena  [IoE 198759] formerly the "Empire Pool"
On Jan 27, 2007 Mum & I went there to see the "Strictly Come Dancing Tour" On Nov 30, 2009  I went to Wembley Arena ............ see "Fleetwood Mac"

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