St James's Park



St James's Park is a bit like "the Queen's Front garden" in front of Buckingham Palace, but it's open to the public
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Buckingham Palace across the lake .........................
From the Palace end of the lake  [Photo: Kathy Sprys June24, 2006] ... and the view back
On August 24, 2008 crowds gathered for the overflow to the Olympic Handover party in the Mall  
The (Duckkeepers?) cottage at the south end leading to Duck Island
Horse Guards Parade from the lake A waterfall in the gardens
The pelicans in St James's Park as mentioned in The Da Vinci Code.
Another of the residents ....  
Two little ducks swimming in the water.....[Photo: Judy Saville,  June24, 2006] Two little ducks doing what they oughta [Photo: Judy Saville,  June24, 2006]
Then there was one.....      [Photo: Judy Saville,  June24, 2006] ...and then none       [Photo: Judy Saville,  June24, 2006]


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