Scotchman's Hill


On March 4, 2002, John visited the Scotchman's Hill winery on the Bellarine Peninsula near  Drysdale, Victoria.

We were accompanied by wine expert Nigel Watson, son of Jimmy Watson after whom Australia's most prestigious wine award is named.

With his brother, Nigel runs "Jimmy Watson's" restaurant in Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne

This included:

  • a wine tasting
  • a tour round the winery with the chief wine maker
  • lunch on the veranda at Spray Farm

3x5 Vineyard.jpg (6912 bytes)

3x5 vines and production.jpg (9862 bytes)

The vines planted over the past 20 years

The "artificial cave" where the wine is stored in oak casks

3x5 spray farm house.jpg (11834 bytes)

3x5 spray farm verandah.jpg (16136 bytes)

The 1851 house at Spray Farm.....

...made a great setting for lunch

3x5 spray farm to geelong.jpg (12773 bytes)

3x5 spray farm philip bay.jpg (12526 bytes)

with spectacular views towards Geelong....

..and across St Philip's Bay to Melbourne

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