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Bill started attending Kingsley Hall Bow as a young boy.


Bill & Emily attended Kingsley Hall Dagenham for over 60 year
  • They met there as teenagers
  • They were married there on February 13, 1943
  • Their son, John, was baptised there in September 1947
  • For many years Bill was "MC" at regular Saturday evening dances,
  • He did the lighting for shows, and handled the PA at the garden fete.
  • On their retirement they started "Tea (Ballroom) Dance" there every Tuesday afternoon for about 40 people and raised a great deal of money for the work.
  • They celebrated their Golden Wedding there on February 13, 1993
  • and Bill's funeral on June 12, 2000
  • his ahses were buried there and a rose planted in his memory
  • Emily continues to go there many times a week...........................
One person at Kingsley hall at the same time was Dudley Moore. Bill acted as his "sound man" when Dudley did a charity performance at Kingsley hall in the 1990s

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