Hackney Town Hall



We visited   Hackney Town Hall on September 16, 2006 as part of London Openhouse.   [IoE 426737] [Location]

It has exceptionally unaltered interiors in Art Deco style. Much original work remains intact including fine light fittings, panelling, floor surfaces and doors. Natural light pours in from recently cleaned and restored glass ceiling. Designed by Lanchester & Lodge in 1934-1937.

The garden and lamp piers are listed [IoE 426738]
Entrance hall with half-column light fittings
Marble stairs to right and left, brass linear design balustrades leads to top lit landing, with pillar lights
Council chamber: Panelled to half height with various woods, the patterning reflected in the U-plan stalls; press/public gallery to rear
Various light fittings
Speaker's Robes The "terracotta" Hackney Empire (theatre) is next door [IoE 424483]

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