Exning is said to be the Headquarters for Queen Boudicca (Boadecia) who died in 60AD, chief of the Icene tribe, who defeated the Romans  and is remembered by a statue with a chariot on Westminster Bridge opposite the Houses of Parliament.

Here's the story: After the death of her husband, King Prasutagus, the Romans tried to exert their power over the area by raising the taxes.
When Boudicca led a protest movement, she was beaten and tortured, and her daughters raped. Soon after she raised an army and marched on, and sacked, the Roman towns of Colchester, London and St. Albans. But the victory was short lived. The Romans assembled an army of troops from the outlying regions, and in a final battle, the Icene were all but destroyed. Boudicca escaped, but then took her own life with poison.
The vengeance of the Romans was severe,

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These connections and the town's church are depicted on the sign
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The statue of Boudicca in London


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