D of E

Up Zimbabwe Buck House D of E Cert

  • Jeremy worked hard to obtain his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award


2x3jez2.jpg (8516 bytes) This included funraising including a sponsored parachute jump and organising a 60's dance with the group Skyliners.
ZIMBAB2.JPG (24488 bytes) The main achievement for the award was a trip t Zimbabwe with a group from Essex Air Training Corps organised through World Challenge
BUCK26_OUTSIDE_GATES_SMALL.JPG (3864 bytes) On July 20th 1999 we were very proud to attend a ceremony at Buckingham Palace  where he received his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.
BUCK23JEZ_SUE_JOHN_LANDSCAPE0_small.JPG (2176 bytes) His group had their awards from Peter Shilton, former England soccer goalkeeper, but later he had a personal talk with Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex (unfortunately cameras are not allowed in the Palace grounds so the moment is lost to posterity!). That evening we attended the Royal Tournament where the Earl was guest of honour....and we were up in the "cheap seats"
DOFECERT_SMALL.JPG (2173 bytes) To achieve his Gold Award, Jeremy had to do:
  • an expedition of a week.....which he did back packing in Zimbabwe,
  • community service...he spent a week helping build a dam to allow a village to have its water supply ahead a winter earlier than it would have done.
  • His report can be seen ...............#
2x3jez2.jpg (8516 bytes) Jeremy was trained for his parachute jump by Val Slattery, one of John's friends from Ford.

The jump took place in Oxfordshire.

This is taken after the event

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