Childrens House

Up Mural

Children's House in Bow was founded by the Lester Sisters in 1923. Designed by Charles Cowles-Voysey. They built an equivalent in Dagenham
Children's House in Bruce Road. It was built on the site of stables and originally was in Eagling Road next to a terrace of houses where my Grandparents and father lived before moving to Dagenham. My Uncle Gerry attended the nursery and conducted teh orchestra.
The Archive Conservation Group on its day out March 6, 2009
Opened by HG Wells Relief over entrance door   "Madonna and Child"
It has a famous mural in its main room  by Eve Garnett showing the children walking out of the East End and into the countryside.
  One of the original chairs from 1923
Conservation Group on the roof View across to Canary Wharf

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