Big Boat


Every now and then a "Big Boat" [5.4m (17' 9") wide, 5.85m (19' 3") high, 24.86 (81') long and weigh 59000kgs] comes through the village. The builders are unknown but are in Quy. The transport firm is Abbey.

I normally just catch a glimpse as the boat had gone by. On April 18, 2007 I had a plan....! Description of an earlier route   Future instances may be recorded on the village's "What's On" newsletter

First sign was the arrival of the first (of 3) police escort vehicles This was set to prevent vehicles entering Swan Lane
The boat transporter passing The White Swan  
..and along Swan Lane You don't get an impression of the huge size from this picture
Passing Gable Cottage..... ...and then The White Horse
The transporter is accompanied by vans to cut trees and move telephone cables The procession disappears up Windmill Hill
...towards the A142 & A14  

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