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This page follows a walk round Exning from Gable Cottage which John uses for visitors
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The walk starts next door at The White Horse
Our next door neighbour, The White Horse, is a pub with a lot of history attached. There was an inn on the site recorded in the Domesday Book, and the current name derives from the coat of arms of the local knight. Since the demise of the knightly realm, the current owners the Welford family took over in 1923 (though not continuously).

The pub even doubled as an officer's mess during the war, when it stayed open twenty-four hours a day. Rumours that regulars still keep these hours are unfounded.

Click for: Old Pic of White Horse when Gable Cottage entrance was just a fence


The White Horse is our next door neighbour. It changed hands in March 2003 and is much improved.
Along teh Exning Road is The Rosery Hotel, If you get mail from us it was probably posted in this 100 year old box
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St Martin's Church is on teh corner with Ducks Lane An interesting working together between church and pub!
It's worth a visit through the churchyard Sprys/Bur vacation walk round village  [Photo: Chuck Bur June 23, 2006]
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...left into Church Lane with an unexpected surprise. A stream with ducks..
The first 2003 ducklings. Their survival rate is much higher than in Newport Pagnell. there is actually contiguous water from Mill Street to this stream.....word about the friendly American Redhead passed along!
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Harrington House stables [Photo: Chuck Bur June 23, 2006] ......and a horse walker at the back of one of the racing stables
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Church Lane becomes an alleyway towards The Wheatsheaf and right into Chapel Lane Past the Methodist Chapel
Chuck Bur outside Exning Post Office [Photo: Joanne Bur June 23, 2006]  
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Noses pressed .............. in Oxford Street [Photo: Chuck Bur June 23, 06] with Exning Primary School  on teh left    Ofsted Report
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Retrace along Oxford St to Swan Lane and The White Swan to pass Gable Cottage from across Swan Lane [Photo:Chuck Bur June 23, 06]
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Back round to the White Horse       Old Pic

Opposite  is the War Memorial, set at a double road junction

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No. 3 Group
HQ : Exning, Suffolk AOCinC : Air Vice-Marshal R Harrison
Mildenhall 15 Sqn
622 Sqn
Lancaster I and III 24
Mepal 75 (NZ) Sqn Lancaster I and III 33
Tuddenham 90 Sqn
138 Sqn
Lancaster I and III 26
Witchford 115 Sqn Lancaster I and III 33
Methwold 149 Sqn Lancaster I and III 32
Stradishall 186 Sqn Lancaster I and III 34
Wratting Common 195 Sqn Lancaster I and III 35
Chedburgh 218 Sqn Lancaster I and III 30
Waterbeach 514 Sqn Lancaster I and III 39

Exning House is now a set of luxury appartments [IoE 275644]

During WW II it was the headquarters of 3rd Bomber Command
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Fields belonging to Regent House which is across the road Where as well as horses there are also partridges, and sheep, geese etc
Outside teh Equine Hospital [Photo: Chuck Bur June 23, 06]  


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